how much does this cost?

Every project is different and therefore, it's hard to establish a set price for every little thing. 

Most hand-lettered signs start at $50. 

Prices are affected by custom artwork and design time required, amount of words on the sign,  materials required, etc. 

Large chalkboard walls for the Stockroom start at $300 for just words and increase if you would like additional details (wreaths, skyline, etc.)

Please contact me if you would like to get a quote for what you are looking for!


do you have signs or do I need to find my own?

I do not have materials available for renting, such as mirrors or chalkboards. 

Most of my brides rent their chalkboards and mirrors from rental companies and we work out a delivery and drop off date before the wedding.

I do have access to source materials that you may keep - such as paper, wood or acrylic.